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Ever wonder what great works of fiction have in common, regardless of era or medium?

Have you ever taken the time to consider why anyone should stop and try your novel/screenplay/comic?

Do you feel that your project is missing something storywise, but you can’t pinpoint it?

Why do some works maintain an everlasting impact while others rot away in obscurity?

Enter The Three Pillars of Timeless Fiction

There are 3 major elements that all successful writers gather together in order to create memorable stories. In a way, you already know them. But you need to understand their importance and how they must come together to create truly effective fiction.This eBook explains those 3 pillars and offers guidelines to help you shape your own story. After reading The Three Pillars of Timeless Fiction, you will:

  • Approach your fiction project with confidence, instead of intimidation;
  • Find out what crucial element your story might be missing;
  • Write a story that will captivate anyone who gets his eyes on it.

Naturally, this is not the secret formula that will magically, effortlessly turn you into the next big name. Great works are achieved through learning, hard work, determination and luck.

Reading this eBook will give you a better understanding of what makes effective fiction and hopefully inspire you to jumpstart or resume a project.

You may be able to gather the three pillars intuitively as you keep practicing your writing, but the more you understand them, the better you will use them.

Discussed topics include:

  • The importance of providing entertainment;
  • Two fatal mistakes aspiring authors make unknowingly;
  • An overview of interesting characters;
  • What great dialogue is made of;
  • What pacing is really about;
  • How to generate interesting ideas;
  • Why you need to bring freshness to the table;
  • Why you should know previous works as well as your audience;
  • Making your story relevant;
  • Using dialogue and character choices to convey themes;
  • How to convey themes tactfully.

Grab your copy now for free and reach mastery over effective storytelling.