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How do you turn a few concepts and ideas into a full-fledged narrative? How can you craft a fictional work that makes a strong and lasting impression?

In AceFiction we will discuss those questions and many more.

This website is for creative men and women who want to write compelling fiction. We value creativity, ambition and positivity.

Letting your ideas rot in some remote corner of your brain would be a huge waste. Instead, take action and draw their full potential. Use your medium of choice to shape those ideas, give life to the characters inhabiting your mind and build a work of fiction that has both captivating style and meaningful substance.

We all love stories, regardless of age and culture. We are intrigued by mysteries and fascinated by charismatic characters. We like to reflect on the underlying themes and share our thoughts with others. But most of all, we are always driven by that everblazing desire to know what happens next.

Fiction enables us travel to other worlds, witness the lives of people from distant times and places, feel a wide range of emotions and inspect our nature and issues, all of this while entertaining ourselves. It’s always interesting to see how far the imagination of fiction authors can reach.

About Jon Oscar

Jon is a lover of fiction in all its forms. He also loves of martial arts, bodybuilding and all genres of music.

This website was born from his many thoughts and observations about fiction writing. The content here is meant to help you create fiction of the finest quality, hence the name AceFiction.

This is a space for constructive exchange. Share your experience and projects, discuss your difficulties and uncertainties.

AceFiction is not confined to one specific medium. Whether you are a screenwriter, a novelist, a comic artist or an adept of any other medium, you will find plenty of interesting topics. Regardless of the medium, there are universal concepts all fiction authors deal with, such as characters, plot, setting, dialogue, etc. AceFiction covers a broad spectrum of topics; be sure to read those essential articles:

I hope this website will give a boost to your creativity and help you improve your craft. Bring forth your untold story and leave your mark!